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Why Does My Phone Say SOS Only and 10 Ways to Fix It

August 23, 2023

When we experience issues, we often use our phones for solutions through calls or by searching Google. But what happens when our phones experience issues on their own? What happens if we get messages like the SOS as well as SOS Only messages on our iPhones but do not know how to fix the issue?

If this occurs, you might wonder why my phone is saying SOS, but only. Do not worry, we are able to help you with simple solutions to this issue. Let’s start by understanding what SOS refers to on the iPhone.

What is SOS Mean What does SOS mean on iPhone?

This means that the device is not able to receive or make phone calls, make messages, or utilize cell phone data. However, an emergency SOS service is still able to be used to call the 911 number or any other authority. It’s important to remember that this service is only accessible only in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

In other locations the status bar will display a No Service Searching error. If you’re having trouble with SOS Only or SOS Only error, there are many solutions that you can look into. Now you have what the solution to “why does my phone say SOS only?”

How To Fix iPhone Saying SOS

How To Fix iPhone Saying SOS

1. Disable and Enable Cellular Data

One solution to fix your SOS Only error on your iPhone is to turn on the Cellular Data feature off and then turn it back on. This will allow you to establish a new connection to the cellular network, and fix any network-related issues that could cause the error.

In order to do that, go to Settings, then select Cellular or Mobile Data. After that, turn off the option Cellular Data/Mobile Data and then wait for a few minutes before turning again. There is also the option to disable and then re-enable mobile data in Control Center. Control Center.

To do this, go to your Control Center and tap on the Cellular Data icon to turn off the feature. It will then be quiet for a few seconds, then turn it back on by tapping it once more. After that you will find that your iPhone will try to connect to the network that is cellular hoping to resolve your SOS Only error.

2. Restart

The most efficient and widely recommended ways to fix an SOS Only error on an iPhone is to reset the cache on your device. Clearing the cache will solve issues or set-up errors that could be impacting the connection to your network and leading to this error.

To clear the data cache of an iPhone equipped with Face ID, simultaneously press and hold the volume down/up and side buttons until the power off slider is displayed. The device will be turned off by moving it to the right. If you have an iPhone equipped with Touch ID, press and hold the side button until you open the power slider screen, and then slide it down to shut off the device.

When the device has been completely shut down, hold and press the power button to turn it back on it. This will help eliminate any cache-related issues and could be solving issues with the SOS Only error on your iPhone.

3. Update Carrier Settings

The settings for your carrier are crucial to improving cellular connectivity and overall performance of your iPhone. Although the settings for carriers are generally automatically updated, you can also manually update and check them when needed.

Before you start the update, make sure that the device you’re using is on a reliable Wi-Fi network, and ensure that Cellular Data is turned on. This is how you manually change the carrier preferences on an iPhone:

Step 1: Launch the Settings app, and then go to the General section.

Step2: Tap About.

Step 3: If an update will be available, an op-ed will pop up, press it.

If you’ve recently installed an eSIM, or made any changes on your phone, then you might have to connect and download the most recent carrier settings.

When the settings for the carrier have been changed the network bars should be visible within the Status Bar. If you are experiencing the SOS Only error persists, go to the next troubleshooting procedure.

4. Turn Off and Turn on Automatic Network Selection

This Network Selection setting on your iPhone assures you that you’re in the proper networks, and this is vital to ensure a steady connection to the internet. If you’re having trouble with an SOS Only error on your iPhone changing the setting off and then on can allow you to reconnect to the network.

Here’s how to change on the Network Selection setting on your iPhone:

Step1: Open Settings and go to Cellular/Mobile Data.

Step2: Select Network Selection.

Step 3: Turn off the Auto switch.

Here's how to change on the Network Selection setting on your iPhone:

Step4: Wait several seconds before turning the switch off.

This will prompt your iPhone to look for an internet connection and join the correct network, possibly resolving SOS Only error. SOS Only error.

5. Re-Insert SIM

Although it is not common however, a physical SIM card could disrupt connectivity to networks, leading to an error message stating that you have SOS only in your iPhone. In such instances, an easy reset could assist in resolving the issue. This is what you should do:

Step 1: Disconnect your SIM cards from the iPhone.

Stp 2: Restart your iPhone.

Step 3: Insert SIM card. SIM card.

It’s crucial to remember that you shouldn’t reset an eSIM only if required to do it from your provider. A reset of the eSIM can erase any information associated with it. You’ll need to recreate it in a new way.

6. Update iOS

If you’re iPhone shows an SOS icon, this could be due to a software glitch. You can easily resolve the issue by resetting the operating system. You can simply check for updates that are available and install them following the steps below:

Step 1: Open the Settings app and navigate to the General section.

Step2: Select Software Update.

Step 3: If you see an update, tap it.

7. Reset the Network Settings

If the earlier troubleshooting strategies aren’t able to resolve the problem with SOS just on iPhone The last option is to do a reset which erases all previously gespeichert Wi-Fi logins, Bluetooth equipment, and VPN configurations. So, it’s important to keep track of the details prior to attempting this procedure.

Step 1: Open Settings Then, go to “General.”

Step 2: Select “Transfer or Reset iPhone.”

Step3: Choose “Reset.”

Step 4: Choose “Reset Network Settings,” and, if requested, enter your password.

Step5: Click “Reset Network Settings.”

8. Activate Data Roaming

If you’re getting an SOS Only error on your iPhone when you travel it could be that data roaming is turned off, which is causing the problem.

Step 1 1. Open the Settings app, then select Cellular/Mobile Data.

Step2: Tap on Cellular Data Options/Mobile Data Options.

Step 3: Switch to the option Data Roaming.

When you enable Data Roaming, you should be capable of establishing a stable connection to the mobile network. The SOS Only message should disappear from the status bar. Instead you will see either 5G or 4G, which indicates that you have a reliable connection.

9. Enable 4G or LTE

While 5G is a promising technology, it’s not yet fully functional across the globe in all areas. This could affect the strength of your iPhone’s signal and connectivity, resulting in an SOS Only error message. In these instances it is recommended to turn off 5G and switch onto 4G.

If you disable 5G, you’ll be able to enhance the iPhone’s connectivity and prevent problems related to networks that may cause an SOS Only error. It’s important to know that you’ll be able to enable 5G when the technology becomes more widespread in your region.

10. Connect with the Carrier

After trying all the other ways to solve this “iPhone saying SOS” issue and you’re still seeing the same symbol beside the Wi-Fi icon, you need to call your carrier for help. Only they will be able to help you out of this situation.

It’s crucial to inform them about the troubleshooting actions you’ve completed. Be aware that they may suggest re-running the steps before taking additional steps. If they don’t succeed Try contacting Apple Support for additional assistance.

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