Waimea Falls Trail: Hike to Waimea Valley cascades on North Shore Oahu + greenhouses walk Hawaii

May 18, 2022

The kind of setting that Waimea Falls is in doesn’t especially feel like you’re not kidding like most other cascade visits in Hawaii. (For instance like Manoa Falls on Oahu.)

Yet, in the event that you’re searching for some cascade swimming on Oahu, and you like swimming in normal cascades in a generally protected and agreeable climate, then Waimea Falls may be for you!

This may potentially be the “most secure” cascade swimming you’ll track down on Oahu.
Furthermore, in the event that you like professional flowerbeds, or potentially you need to encounter a touch of Hawaiian culture, it could likewise be a decent reason to visit the Waimea Valley nature park!

There’s a very decent assortment of plants at the Waimea Valley greenhouses that incorporates local species, as well as plants tracked down in various areas of the planet.

The path to Waimea Falls is a generally cleared way (another explanation it could feel somewhat less like a more “very Hawaii” cascade climb), and there are sights to see en route.

Could you at any point get to Waimea Falls by transport?

Indeed, the basic response is indeed, you can.

There is a transport that circumvents Oahu. Furthermore, there is a bus station fundamentally right at the entry of Waimea Valley leave. In this way, it is feasible to get to Waimea Falls by transport.

However, the better inquiry is would YOU like to go to Waimea Falls by transport?! Except if you are remaining on the North Shore, it will be a seriously lengthy transport ride. Conceivably 2 hours or more one way assuming you’re dropping by transport from Waikiki. Also, it will probably require a transport move.

You can likewise make a day of it by going to Waimea Falls, and afterward subsequently stroll across the way to Waimea Bay, perhaps the best ocean side on the North Shore. Or on the other hand you can walk a mile not too far off to Sharks Cove, one of the most amazing swimming spots on Oahu. There is additionally a bus station close to Sharks Cove. Strolling from Waimea Falls to Sharks Cove, you will likewise pass by a supermarket where you can get excursion food! (That would be Foodland Pupukea.)

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