Funny Numbers to Prank Call When You’re Bored or Want to Prank Someone

September 12, 2023

Are you Numbers to Prank Call in search of a laugh? Or are you looking to make a funny gag? One way to have fun is to dial a funny hotline or offer an imaginary phone number. But where do you get the numbers? There’s no need to fret as we’ll provide you find fun number to contact. There are numerous numbers that you can make use of.

For everything from public prank lines, to specific phone numbers for characters The options listed here are sure to make a laugh for all who is involved. And the best part is, you don’t need to use *67 in order to protect your identity. In this article the most popular humorous numbers that you can call to play prank on your acquaintances.

Get Rickrolled: (248) 434-5506

Rickrolling is one of the most popular pranks that involves tricking another to watch the Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” video.

Fast dial tone: (845) 354-9112

Did you have the chance to listen of the fastest recording of a dial tone? Listening to conversations that are sped up can be hilarious. Receiving a call tone after dialling a faulty number is not a rare occurrence. However, this particular one is sure to make you laugh more than the typical tone you’ll hear.

Calling’ Oates Hotline: (719) 226-2837

Are you looking for a fun method to surprise a loved one or family member who enjoys Hall & Oates? Consider calling a particular hotline that plays a variety of their most popular songs. If you dial the number, a friendly British woman will be on the line and suggest playing some the Hall & Oates’ greatest songs.

The simple and unpredictability of this hotline could make you smile or bring a laugh to someone’s day. Why not try it and brighten someone’s day by giving them some music?

Call Jenny: (201) 867-1309

If you’re nostalgic and would like to talk about 80’s music, phoning Jenny could be the answer. You may recall that, up to the year 2017, the 867-5309 number was among the most used numbers. This was mostly due to the famous hit song by Tommy Tutone. song of the same name.


Incredibly, should you call the number now you’d receive an automated message from Retro Fitness, the ’80s-themed fitness chain. Although you might not be able to speak with Jenny the owner, however you could still enjoy the 80s’ music. This is due to the fact that “867-5309” is probably a regular tune in the fitness center’s playlist!

Calling Santa: 1-(603)-413-4122

This hotline will provide the opportunity to speak with fake Santa Claus, although it isn’t able to connect you to the real Santa Claus. This number can be used to communicate your Christmas wishes with Santa ahead of time.

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You could also try playing an prank on someone else by providing them with this number in lieu of your contact details. This is an extremely reliable numbers to make a prank call. Whatever your motive the hotline is open all year round to call and make a connection with a fun traditional St. Nick.

Beautiful Phrases: (858)-651-5059

The Beautiful Phrases hotline, an exclusive phone number that plays poetic lines when you dial it. The hotline provides easy entertainment through its selection of spoken lines from different speakers. These phrases are known in the form of Harvard Sentences.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers developed them to assess the quality of speech. With its diverse collection of phrases The Beautiful Phrases Hotline is ideal for fun prank calls or just to provide memorable entertainment.

Better to call Saul at (505) 842-5663

In season 3 episode 6 of season 3 episode 6 Better Call Saul, a commercial for Saul Goodman Productions aired, providing legal services and displaying the number of a working telephone.

When dialed, the number will be connected to an audio message by Saul himself, inviting the caller to leave a message in case they require legal help. If one requires legal assistance, one should think about contacting Saul Goodman. Many people consider this number one of the most effective numbers to make a prank call to anyone.

The Loser Line: (206) 569-582

MOViN 92.5 is an independent radio station based in Seattle, has created a novel idea to assist listeners in dealing with snobby potential partners. They’ve developed a program known as”the “Loser Line” which allows listeners to provide an untrue phone number to a potential suitor that they don’t want to.

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If a person leaves a rude or abusive message The station will broadcast the message on air to make them look embarrassed and instruct them on an important lesson. This is a way to make people accountable for their behaviour and help them become aware of the effect their actions can have on others.

If you’ve experienced a negative experience with a bad partner You can utilize this service to inform them of their Loser Line number and potentially get their message broadcast on the air.

Make a prank phone call to a website

You can get a good laugh when you use a prank call website to make a humorous call. These websites have recordings that make the receiver feel uncomfortable, or even put them in funny situations.


For example, they could get a phone call from an untrue pizza delivery man waiting to take their order, or an angry phone caller who believes they’ve hit their vehicle. If you’re not comfortable talking to someone then you can use these sites to send recorded messages to your loved ones to have a laugh.

PrankDial US


Final Words: Funny Numbers to Call Prank

It is crucial to take note of other’s feelings when you make a prank phone call. There are a lot of humorous numbers that you can call to play to play pranks on someone, however, you must be aware.

Although you might think the joke is funny however, it may be detrimental to the person receiving it. It is therefore important to use good judgement and treat the situation with a smile when making an impromptu calling your friend.

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