Dinner in the Sky

May 22, 2022

Have you at any point been suspended in the air dinner in the sky , while you enjoy delightful food and take in the astonishing perspectives on the energetic, blue ocean? All things considered, try to keep your hat on, it’s an extraordinary encounter. We had the joy of eating overhead. Up until this point, this is probably the coolest experience we have had in Dubai. On the off chance that you’re OK with levels and like a little experience, this Dinner overhead experience is for you.

Supper overhead

Forbes has this experience recorded as one of the ten most uncommon caf├ęs on the planet, which is cool. It’s genuinely one of the most extraordinary feasting encounters I have had. A crane suspends the table 50 meters high overhead, in this way, as I said, you must be OK with levels! Be that as it may, the level of the table during the flight is at the coordinator’s tact, in light of atmospheric conditions. The table can hold a limit of 22 visitors for each meeting, so you will actually want to partake in this involvement in a fair measure of individuals.

This eating experience will require around an hour and a half aggregate. There’s a fifteen-minute security instructions in advance, an hour long trip to partake in your feast, and ultimately, a ten-minute time span to dump and leave the stage. It’s significant you show up on time since they will relinquish your spot, and you will not get a discount. This is a very well known fascination, and just so many individuals can hold a spot. Along these lines, it’s vital to be on time so you don’t pass up a great opportunity. At the point when you show up, you will stand by in the parlor with welcome beverages before you start the security preparation. During your registration time, I would suggest utilizing the bathroom. Whenever you’re suspended in the air, there’s no way other than straight ahead down, except if it’s a crisis. Besides, assuming that the stage must be let down for a crisis, you will not have the option to proceed with the meeting, which would be appalling.


The Dinner overhead offers three distinct menus: lunch, supper, and a midday tea. The menu comprised of a wide range of dishes including Tortellini Pasta, King Fish, Oriental Beef, Burrata Salad, and Chocolate Sphere Surprise. The food and administration were perfect, and I was unable to suggest this experience enough. dinner in the sky

The occasion association is devoted to ensuring this fascination is both protected and agreeable. Everything about, the safety belts to the sort of crane utilized, has been painstakingly thought out to guarantee the legitimate wellbeing of the staff and visitors. Visitors need to wear their seat straps consistently, and the staff individuals are gotten by wellbeing tackles all through the flight. There is a fifteen-minute wellbeing preparation prior to boarding the stage, which illuminates the visitors pretty much all the significant security guidelines. They said in the instructions, that they stay in consistent correspondence with the crane administrator and ground team.

The Experience

This was by a long shot probably the coolest supper I’ve at any point had. The Dinner overhead experience was really stand-out, and the photos don’t do the perspectives equity. Being encircled by the delightful sights of Dubai with extraordinary organization was the ideal finish to the evening. Gratitude for tracking. Assuming you might want to peruse more about our past encounters in Dubai, you can peruse more here. I can hardly hold back to continue investigating this astounding city! dinner in the sky

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